I’m on my way home from tonight’s Rust Skåne meetup in Malmö. There were two presentations, one by Jakub Bukaj about Rust’s road to version 1.0 and one by Jens Nockert which dug into the worker queue implementation in Servo. Jakub’s presentation contained a lot of good information but was unfortunately a bit time constrained. Jens’ presentation was a bit more free-form, he basically highlighted different parts of the file implementing Servo’s work queue. It’s interesting to see some real world Rust code with comments from someone who actually understands it.

I’m exited about Rust’s future development, it borrows a lot of great features from e.g. Haskell and has some innovative ideas itself. I will try to make time for some Rust development in the near future.

Usually presentations at FooCafé (where the meetup took place) end up on YouTube so keep an eye at FooCafé’s YouTube channel if you’re interested.